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Maintenance and Facility Employee (Onderhoud en Facilitair medewerker)

  • Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Central Support

Job description

Onsite: From our office at Amsterdam Central Station

Salary: between EUR 32.400 - 37.500 (based on full-time 37,5 hours) plus excellent secondary benefits (see below)

Part-time: 22 - 30 hours per week (3 to 4 days per week)

Important: you should be living in the Netherlands 

Join the RIPE NCC in shaping the future of the Internet! We're seeking a Facility Employee to be part of our Central Support team, ensuring the smooth operation of our Amsterdam office. If you're proactive, service-minded, and enjoy taking initiative, this role is perfect for you. You will of course have a dedicated team supporting you in every aspect of the role.

As a Facility Employee, you'll play a pivotal role in supporting our Senior Facility Coordinator and ensuring the smooth running of our office operations. From executing daily maintenance tasks to overseeing building maintenance and security, your contributions will be crucial to maintaining a productive and safe work environment.

🧠 What you will be doing:

  • Maintenance tasks: inspect and repair office equipment, perform minor repair work within the office and contacting external contractors when needed

  • Logistics tasks: receiving deliveries and providing guidance to contractors

  • Safety tasks: operational lead of the emergency response team and perform regularly inspections

  • General administrative tasks: supporting our reception, archiving facility documents, and conducting facility inspections

Job requirements

👀 What We're Looking For:

  • Relevant experience in Facility Management

  • Good communication and organisational skills

  • Able to speak and write in Dutch and English

  • Emergency response team leader certificate (BHV-ploegleider) or willingness to obtain one

  • Knowledge and previous experience with G Suite workspace

  • Ability to come to the office daily

📢What you can expect from us:

  • A modern, flexible and informal work environment with an emphasis on a healthy work/life balance

  • Beautiful office located at the Amsterdam Central Station

  • An annual salary between EUR 32.400 - 37.500 (before tax). This includes the standard 8% annual “holiday pay”.

  • Excellent secondary benefits: 5% end-of-year allowance, annual budgets for health, transportation and technology purposes, non-contributory pension scheme, paid parental leave, top-tier health insurance coverage for you and your family and 33 vacation days (full-time 37.5 hours)

  • A generous training budget each year that can be used for professional development

  • An in-house free barista providing healthy varied lunches on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and nice breakfasts on Thursdays, plus regularly office drinks.

🛜 About the RIPE NCC

The RIPE NCC is a not-for-profit organisation founded on the belief that the Internet should be governed openly, transparently and together with the wider Internet community. We are one of the oldest Internet organisations in Europe and are proud of our legacy.

Our strength is our staff. We bring together more than 180 people from over 40 countries in our modern, vibrant office in the east wing of Amsterdam Central Station. Our official working language is English, but our colleagues speak more than 30 languages. Our backgrounds are diverse, but our goal is the same: we work for the good of the Internet. Will you join us?

📋 How to apply

If interested, please click the ‘Apply’ button and submit your CV and cover letter in English. Adding a cover letter is highly appreciated, our team read them carefully.

Please note that due to the nature of our activities, we will require successful candidates to follow a pre-employment screening (conducted by our partner Validata).

At the RIPE NCC, we are proud to serve our members and the RIPE community in 76 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. We celebrate unique perspectives and talents from different backgrounds and cultures. So if you're passionate about what you do and want to help shape the future of the Internet, apply now - we'd love to hear your story.


Want to know what it’s like to work at the RIPE NCC? We sat down with Herman Teeken, our Senior Facility Coordinator. Here are his thoughts:

👉 What do you like the most about working at the RIPE NCC?
What I really like about working here is the way everyone gets along and supports each other. The company's culture is all about being understanding, reliable and dedicated. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and having friendly colleagues who are always open to helping out. Plus, being in an international environment lets me learn from different cultures, which keeps me interested and motivated.

👉 What’s different about being a Facility employee at the RIPE NCC compared to other roles you had in other organisations?
 I really value the genuine appreciation I receive from my team, managers and colleagues for the effort I put in. It's great working together as a team to achieve our goals, and this teamwork inspires me to keep pushing forward with new ideas and projects. Knowing that my contributions are recognised and supported makes me excited to keep growing and making a difference in our work.

👉 What does a typical day look like in your role?
 A typical workday might begin around 8 a.m. with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. After settling in with your laptop, you'll start by checking for any new requests and review the visitors list to prepare for the day ahead. Next, you'll conduct a walkthrough of the office, inspecting safety measures and addressing any defects that require immediate attention.

Throughout the day, you'll oversee inspectors, technicians and suppliers, ensuring smooth operations and timely responses to any issues that arise. Handling incoming packages and coordinating deliveries will also be part of your routine. Additionally, you'll be actively involved in ongoing facility projects, contributing your expertise to support their success.

Maintaining the office's most optimal condition is a collaborative effort, and you'll work closely with your Facility colleagues, Central Support team members and contracted parties responsible for cleaning, catering and technical support. Together, you'll ensure that the office environment remains conducive to productivity and safety for all staff members.